Boracay Island, Caticlan, Aklan

[img src=]4751Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island
Kite Boarding at Bulabog Beach
[img src=]4630White Beach, Boracay Island
[img src=]3970White Beach, Boracay Island
[img src=]3530Nightlife at Boracay
[img src=]3380D'Mall Shopping and Food Hub
[img src=]3150Caticlan Jetty Port
[img src=]2980Fire dancers at Boat Station 3
[img src=]2870A coconut vendor at Crocodile Island
[img src=]2730
[img src=]2580Diniwit Beach, Boracay Island
[img src=]2370
Tourists gather at Boat Station 3 for the boat tour
[img src=]2270
Morning in Boracay
[img src=]2140
[img src=]2090Nightlife in Boracay Island
[img src=]2460At Crystal Cove Island
[img src=]2160Puka Shell Beach
[img src=]1980White Beach, Boracay Island
[img src=]2120

Hong Kong City

[img src=]2880Causeway Bay
[img src=]2590Gazebo at Hong Kong Park
[img src=]2200Disneyland HK
[img src=]2080Ladies Market at Tung Choi Street
[img src=]2000Disneyland HK
[img src=]1930Hong Kong Delicacies
[img src=]1770Victoria Harbor
[img src=]1790Madamme Tussaud's Museum
[img src=]1550Giant Buddha at Ngong Ping 360
[img src=]1490Ocean Park, HK
[img src=]1380
The financial district of Hong Kong city
[img src=]1350Disneyland HK
[img src=]1240
[img src=]1350Nathan Road, Kowloon
[img src=]1150Nathan Road, Kowloon
[img src=]1160Nathan Road, Kowloon
[img src=]1080Ocean Park
[img src=]960
View of the islands from the Ocean Park cable car
[img src=]950
[img src=]930A street at Tsim Sha Sui
[img src=]830A street at Tsim Sha Sui

Inside the Angkor Wat

[img src=]2880
[img src=]2630
[img src=]2190
[img src=]2100
[img src=]1920Monkeys of Angkor Wat
[img src=]1950
[img src=]1780
[img src=]1650
[img src=]1510Buddhist Shrine inside the Angkor Wat
[img src=]1480
[img src=]1310
[img src=]1360Buddhist Monks at the Angkor Wat Temple
[img src=]1210
[img src=]1210
[img src=]1080
[img src=]1060
[img src=]1010
[img src=]1040

Nagsasa & Anawangin Cove, Zambales

[img src=]4960San Antonio Munisipyo
[img src=]4531Pundaquit Beach
[img src=]4061Our camping site at Nagsasa Cove
[img src=]3820Sunset at Nagsasa Cove
[img src=]3460Nagsasa Cove
[img src=]3760Bonfire at the beach with friends
[img src=]3410Nagsasa Cove
[img src=]3150Nagsasa Cove
[img src=]3081Trail to waterfalls, Nagsasa Cove
[img src=]3011Trail to waterfalls, Nagsasa Cove
[img src=]2820Trail to waterfalls, Nagsasa Cove
[img src=]2730
[img src=]2720
[img src=]3170
[img src=]2850Capones Island
A view of Capones Island from our small boat
[img src=]2520Capones Island
[img src=]2730Capones Island
The old lighthouse on Capones Island
[img src=]2490Capones Island
[img src=]2560Camara Island
[img src=]2330

Palawan Island

Images of the islands of Honda Bay, Palawan Province

[img src=]5430Dos Palmas Island, Palawan
[img src=]4960Dos Palmas Island, Palawan
[img src=]4280Dos Palmas Island, Palawan
[img src=]4160Exoctic Beach, Port Barton
[img src=]3640Exoctic Beach, Port Barton
[img src=]3360Sunset at Honda Bay
[img src=]3340Palawan Islands
A view of Honda Bay from the clouds
[img src=]3190Luli Island
[img src=]2880The Palawan Tricycle
[img src=]2740Pandan Island
[img src=]2630Pandan Island
[img src=]2371Pandan Island
[img src=]2550Snake Island
[img src=]2700
[img src=]2300
[img src=]2420Honda Bay Wharf

Panglao Island, Bohol

Siem Reap City, Cambodia

[img src=]3380Angkor Balloon
The Angkor Balloon at the Angkor Archaeological Park
[img src=]2940The Angkor National Museum
[img src=]2550Pub Street in Siem Reap City
[img src=]2430Pub Street in Siem Reap City
[img src=]2070Night Market in Pub Street
[img src=]2130Apsara Dancers
The traditional Khmer Apsara Dancers at a restaurant in Pub Street
[img src=]1980Buddhist Temple in Siem Reap City
[img src=]1990Souvenir Items at the Old Market
[img src=]1650Old Market
[img src=]1590
[img src=]1470Old Market
[img src=]1620Tuk-Tuk
The traditional Cambodian mode of transportation
[img src=]1420Land Mine Museum
[img src=]1370
[img src=]1320
[img src=]1230Child with snake asking for alms
Child with snake posing with tourists in exchange for donations
[img src=]1230Tonle Sap River
The Chong Khneas, floating village at Siem Reap, Cambodia
[img src=]1160
The Chong Khneas, floating village at Siem Reap, Cambodia
[img src=]1060Cambodian children at Tonle Sap Port

Temples of Angkor

[img src=]3060Angkor Wat Temple
[img src=]2660Banteay Samre Temple
[img src=]2360Banteay Samre Temple
[img src=]2200Banteay Srei Temple
[img src=]2040Banteay Srei Temple
[img src=]1941Banteay Srei Temple
[img src=]1860Banteay Srei Temple
[img src=]1780Banteay Srei Temple
[img src=]1781Banteay Srei Temple
[img src=]1650Baphuon Temple
[img src=]1440Baphuon Temple
[img src=]1470Baphuon Temple
[img src=]1340Baphuon Temple
[img src=]1310Baphuon Temple
[img src=]1250Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom
[img src=]1140Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom
[img src=]1140Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom
[img src=]980Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom
[img src=]1010Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom
[img src=]970Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom
[img src=]900Dead's Gate at Angkor Thom
[img src=]830Dead's Gate at Angkor Thom
[img src=]820Prasat Kravan
[img src=]800Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]770Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]750Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]680Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]670Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]660Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]680Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]710Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]640Pre Rup Temple
[img src=]640Ta Prohm Temple
[img src=]640Ta Prohm Temple
[img src=]660Ta Prohm Temple
[img src=]600Ta Prohm Temple
[img src=]600Ta Prohm Temple
[img src=]600Ta Prohm Temple
[img src=]611Ta Prohm Temple
[img src=]580Ta Prohm Temple