Getting High in Singapore


Elevation is exhilarating, whether you’re at the summit of a mountain, reach the peak of a skyscraper or climb an ancient temple. It’s always great to get high and take-in vast views of  any place from the top. In Singapore, the city itself is a spectacle and there are many ways to conquer it from above.  Here are a few:

Sands Sky Park Observation Deck


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a major attraction in Singapore. Its unique and odd architecture makes it stand out among the many shining towers of Singapore City. The hotel’s Sky Park Observation Deck lays on top of the 3 towers. It’s the best place to get rewarding views of Singapore’s financial district.


Singapore skyline from the top of Marina Sands Hotel
photograph courtesy of Jen Clemeno
You don’t need to be a guest at the hotel, the casino, shops, and the observation deck are open to tourists. Check out Sands SkyPark tickets here.

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Singapore Cable Car

a view of the Harbor from our cable car

On a trip to Sentosa we decided to take the Cable Car. Some people might find it scary to ride a glass pod suspended only on a cable that hangs a hundred feet above the ground, but when you’re up there it’s a walk in the clouds.


A round trip ticket will take you to Sentosa where you can spend a day enjoying various attractions. Then, going home you can use your return ticket to Mt. Faber and do some sightseeing. Each way is quick, roughly five minutes. Cable car tickets cost more than bus or train tickets, but the awesome views from above make it worth the extra.

A view from the cable car as we approached Sentosa

Singapore Flyer


The Singapore Flyer is Singapore’s version of the London Eye. But, due to time and budget constraints and since we were going to the Marina Sands SkyPark nearby, we didn’t get on it. According to their website the SG flyer is the world’s largest giant observation wheel. A friend of mine who has been on it told me a complete round takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

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Having lunch at the lobby of the Singapore Flyer

The Luge and Skyride

The luge and skyride in Sentosa is a treat for both kids and grown-ups but not so much for the faint of heart. A regular ticket gives you two rides on the luge and skyride, but there are other packages for families and larger groups. The Luge is something like a go cart that takes you downhill and the Skyride  takes you back to the top. I was always felt nervous getting on the Skyride because it’s literally just a steel bench hanging on a wire cable, but the exhilarating experience you’ll have is worth conquering your fears.

sentosa singapore
The Skyride at Sentosa

Adventure Park’s MegaZip

Last but certainly not the least is the Mega Zipline at Sentosa’s Adventure Park. Do take note that it will take some leg power to get to the MegaZip jump-off point. We read somewhere that there is a mobile cart that can take tourists to the top. However, we never found the pick-up point and so we hiked. Fortunately, the uphill path was paved and when we finally arrived, we were surprised to find a queue. So, if you are doing the zipline you might want to go on low peak days. At the jump-off point the staff will brief you, get you strapped, then when all of that’s done, you zip away. It’s exciting, fun, and offers excellent views of the beach and forested areas of the island. Check out the Megazip here.


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