Sydney Thunder Jet – Not Your Ordinary Boat Ride

  • Sydney Jet Boat
  • Sydney Jet Boat
    Sydney Jet Boat
  • Sydney Jet Boat
    Sydney Jet Boat
  • Thunder Jet Front
Sydney Jet Boat

Sydney Jet Boat

From the dock at Darling Harbour the speedboat cruised smoothly underneath the Harbour Bridge and passed the Opera House allowing us time to enjoy the spectacular view of the Sydney skyline. Once out in the wider area of the bay our skipper accelerated the speed and the real fun began.

Jet boating as it is called, is a refreshing way of touring Sydney Cove – refreshing in the sense that you’ll get soaked to your underwear throughout the ride despite the raincoats provided. It’s an activity perfect for anyone  who craves an adrenaline rush while touring Sydney. The jet boat will circle the bay, passing the Opera House, Luna Park, Taronga Zoo and other areas not always visible on your regular ferry trip.

Do expect a lot of spins, swirls and a power brake stop, which is similar to “drifting” in motor sports. It usually stirs up a powerful wave which will come crashing down on passengers. If you plan to go jetboating do take note to have a change of clothing .

Sydney Jet Boat

Sydney Jet Boat


  • Check ticket rates and schedule here  Thunder Jet site.
  • You can purchase souvenir photos – (Provided in a flashdrive are 200 + photos of still shots taken from the video and 2 short video clips around 50 seconds to 1 minute each).
  • Location – Darling Harbour near the Sydney Aquarium
  • Deposit your personal items, gadgets at the safety box at the dock.
  • Have a change of clothing.
  • Be at the site at least 15 minutes before your schedule.


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